Firechews – Sour Bears – 200 mg THC – $10 each or 10 packs for $80

$10each -OR- $80for 10

Sour Bears firechews. 200 mg THC per pack. 40 mg THC per piece. $10 EACH OR 10 PACKS FOR $80! Mix N Match With Firebars Chocolate Bars!!

Until you know the full effect of this product, consume one piece, and wait a minimum of 1 hour before consuming another. Can mix n match with Firebars chocolate bars!

ingredients: Sugar, corn syrup, potato starch, citric acid, tartaric acid, THC, artificial flavors and artificial color

Effects Calm, Pain Relief, Relaxed
Candy Type Gummies
Ingredients artificial flavors and artificial color, citric acid, corn syrup, ingredients: Sugar, potato starch, tartaric acid, THC
THC 200mg

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