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Honey Badger – Blackcherry Punch HTCE – 1gram

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Honey Badger FSE/HTCE is high quality extracts with the tastiest terpenes and superior high.

Black Cherry Punch, also known more commonly as simply “Blackcherry” to most of the cannabis community, is an indica dominant hybrid strain. This dank bud has closely guarded genetics, although it is known that it is a cross between Ken’s OG X an unknown Grand Daddy Purple strain. The THC level of this bud has never been tested, although it is generally agreed that it is moderate, or between 12-18%.

Strain Hybrid
Aromas Herbal, Sweet
Effects relaxing, Uplifting
Symptoms Chronic Pain, Depression, Insomnia, Loss of Appetite, Stress
Vendor Honey Badger
Material Nug Run
Texture HTCE
THC 85%