Extracts Hybrid Sativa

honey badger – shatter – passion fruit

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Passion Fruit is a rare sativa dominant hybrid strain created through crossing the infamous Burmese Kush with the delicious Grapefruit strain. This bud has a tangy and delicious flavor that is much like an actual passion fruit, with a tangy fruity overtone accented by fresh lemons and citrus. The aroma is very sweet and citrusy with a sour earthy overtone that’s accented by fresh kush and spices as the nugs are burned. The Passion Fruit high comes on almost immediately after you exhale, launching your mind into a lifted state of motivation and focus that’s accompanied by a building sense of creativity.

Strain Hybrid, Sativa
Aromas Fruity, Herbal, Sweet
Effects Creative, Giggly, Happy, Hungry
Symptoms ADD/ADHD, Anxiety, Pain Relief
Vendor Honey Badger
Material Nug Run
Texture Shatter
THC 85%