Extracts Hybrid

Kind Selections FSE – Grape Marmalade

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This soothing hybrid was originally bred as a medical strain. It has excellent reviews from those who say the suffer from chronic pain, anxiety, PTSD, cramps, migraines, and appetite loss. Users report a euphoric bliss, with a trippy psychoactive sparking of creativity. Artists and musicians take note as this potent hybrid tests around 25% THC on average and reportedly opens up the mind for greater interpretation of sensory input. Smells, sounds, sight, and touch reportedly become enhanced making users recommend this strain for jamming out to music, writing creatively, cooking, or holding someone dear to you. The mind-muscle connection is also reportedly enhanced, making the blissful relaxation of the skeletal muscles only a thought a way. This gives the user a confident feeling of coordination and mastery over the body with some users preferring to use this strain prior to an exercise session.

Strain Hybrid
Aromas Fruity, Piney, Sweet
Effects Calm, Creative, Focused
Vendor Kind Selections
Material Nug Run
Texture FSE
THC 80%