Kootenay Labs – Grape Pieces – 250mg

$15each -OR- $100for 10

The 5 x 50mg THC gummies (250mg total per pack) are strong, so buckle your seatbelt and get ready for a wild ride!

With a classic and luxurious flavour, you can replace that glass of wine with a bold THC gummy. Achieve new levels of relaxation as you melt away from the everyday. Your mind and body will thank you for the nourishment.

Looking for strong weed gummies?  Say hello to Kootenay Labs 50mg of awesome!  These 90% organic gummies are a delicious way to enjoy all of the benefits of sativa or indica strains without smoking it.

Enjoy the potent Kootenay Labs 5 Pack Gummies!  If you really like them, please feel free to check out our 20 Pack Gummies!

Common Uses: Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Hunger, Pain, Aches, Insomnia, Recreation

THC 250 mg