Kootenay Labs – Grapefruit 2:1 Pieces – 300mg

$30each -OR- $50for 2

10mg CBD : 5mg THC x 20 pieces (300mg total per pack)

Lovingly referred to as mother’s little helper, the versatility of these 2 to 1 gummies make them perfect for any situation. The magic of this gummy is in the CBD’s inherent ability to balance the relaxation of  the mind and the body while providing an uplifting boost.

The Kootenay Labs Grapefruit 2:1 gummies aren’t made of gold, but their effects sure are. Made with 100% grapefruit oil and Whole Spectrum CBD & THC distillate, this combination strikes the perfect balance for those who get triggered with anxiety if they consume too much THC. Easy to dose and share, take these treats with you wherever you go to ease your body and mind.

– 10mg CBD : 5mg THC per candy
– 20 gummies (300mg total) per bag
– Contains Whole Spectrum THC & CBD Distillate

THC 100 mg
CBD 200 mg