Kootenay Labs – Tangerine Dream Pieces 1:1 – 250mg

$15each -OR- $100for 10

5 x 25mg CBD : 25mg THC  (250mg total per pack)

Nostalgic of creamsicles and best friends, these high-dose treats are a combination of organic tangerine and vanilla. You can expect to find your focus and help your body relax with an even split of CBD and THC. Kootenay Labs 1:1 Tangerine is our favourite little helper. Its a go everywhere, do everything, star of the party to help you reach perfect balance throughout your day. If you need a little lift at work, on a plane, or a back country hike, eat one…. then later maybe eat another! Never leave home without them. Made with 90% Organic Ingredients and Whole Spectrum THC & CBD Distillate, these citrus gummies are as uplifting as they are delicious.

THC 125 mg
CBD 125 mg