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Sticky zoo – Caviar – JACK KEVORKIAN

$251 g

Jack Kevorkian is a hybrid cannabis strain. It is rated as a grade A+ strain by most of its users and produces very dark green colored buds that are covered with crystals and dark purple hair. It is a very potent strain, so its THC level is assumed to be high, but its exact value is unknown yet. It produces a strong buzz that is very long lasting and makes you feel calm, relaxed and energized. Though it has a calming high,it does result in a couch – lock which is its side-effect. Jack Kevorkian has a tangy aroma that is a blend of fruity and pine flavors. It has a nice taste that is a mixture of strong citrus and harsh flavors. Due to its calming effect on your body, Jack Kevorkian is a good antidote for migraines and other strong and chronic headaches. People suffering from different kinds of mild and chronic pains can also use this strain to get relief from their suffering.

Strain Hybrid
Aromas Fruity, Pine
Effects relaxing
Relieves Chronic Pain, Headaches, Migraines
Vendor Sticky Zoo
Material Nug Run
Texture Caviar
THC 90%

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