Sunnyside Botanicals – Tinctures – Full Spectrum CBD (1200mg)


Ingredients: Hemp-Extracted CBD Distillate, MCT-Oil*.
*MCT Oil is Organic, Non-GMO, and Gluten-Free

Contains traces of THC.

600mg: 1 dropper = 1ml = 20mg
1200mg: 1 dropper = 1ml = 40mg
1800mg: 1 dropper = 1ml = 60mg

Usage: Place oil under tongue for 30-90 seconds until absorbed. To start, try a 5-10mg dose twice daily, with gradual increases in order to find your ideal dosage. Store in a cool dark environment. Shake well prior to each use. Product intended for ages 19+. Vegan friendly, non-GMO.

CBD 90-99 mg